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About the Author

Philosophers are born, not made, and that has got to be the case with Karl Stober. To this day he believes he was shaped by the memory of childhood illnesses, and an excess of care from his over-protective parents. But the sickly child became father to the man—during the long hours in bed he developed a furious love of books, music and classic ’60s television, looking and listening at the same time. He heard the voices of Rod Serling, Capote, Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin, Cassius Clay, Dylan, Dr. King, Neil Young. Such a cacophony shaped the activist of the future and turned Karl into an outspoken humanitarian, not to mention a hopeless romantic.

Since the late 1960s, Karl has plied his craft as freelance magazine writer, author, filmmaker, talk show host, professional sports reporter, music critic, occasional newsman, with his day gig managing a boutique resort in the Californian desert.

Currently Karl and writing partner Diana Cignoni are in production with their upcoming documentary A Dark Romance, a film which addresses head-on the problems of addiction in the creative professions and in the armed forces. A feature film is in the works. But none of this has stifled Karl’s irrepressible output, his continuing flow of words of wisdom. The philosopher always wins out, as this—the first of his three volumes of deep reflection.