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Karl Stober Layers of Humankind

“I’ve known Karl for years, but didn’t realize that he was such a wise dude! These koans are packed with stuff that will help all of us survive…”

John Densmore, drummer for The Doors

Layers of Humankind, Book 1
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From the Introduction:

To all of humanity, for which your purpose is still cryptic…

Layers of Humankind is a trilogy of deliberations concerning all facets of life…. The first book “The Vision” is based on my perceptions elucidated through passages from my travels as I explore people throughout: From my encounters such as in Hurricane Katrina as it hit the Gulf Coat, to my acquaintances as I toiled worldwide digging in the music scene as a journalist.

Enter, if you will, the world of gray, where sentiments can be bright with stellar light and in the identical setting, dark as charred bark…